IT-ology Opportunities

PrintIT-ology is a nonprofit organization that is working to grow the number of IT professionals in SC. They have been growing and adding a number of exciting opportunities for teachers and students over the past year. Personally, I am hoping to join their Innovation Challenge and Tech League next school year.

However, I noticed a couple of additional programs that teachers might want to consider right now.


One opportunity to consider is their Teacher PD. They have a number of upcoming April events on STEM, Computer Science and Cyber Literacy that may be helpful for classroom teachers. These are all day development and features hands on training. Registration does cost $100. Let me know if you are interested, and I will see what I can do to help out.

They also offer a variety of Cyber Field Trips for elementary classes. They can cover topics like STEM, robotics, VR, programming and more. You can go to them or they can come to us.


They also are offering after-school and summer camp activities. You may want to share with students about the Cyber Saturdays that are taking place. In April and May students can learn about Lilypad, Littlebits and Drones! Additionally they will offer Cyber Summer Camps this year. Elementary students will enjoy the Tech Explorers program. They will offer 1/2 day camps for PK-2 and full day camps for 3-5. Camps start on June 18th and will run to August 3rd. Teachers looking to get involved and make a little extra money can apply here.



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